GNSS permanent station installation

During period 27-28/10/2013 , two GNSS reference stations were installed in the study area, in order to monitor movements within the survey area.

Permanent GNSS station equipment - GNSS receive antenna


Prior to the installation of the permanent reference stations, the sites were visited in order to investigate :

- Suitable buildings in the geographic area of interest

- Potential barriers of GNSS receive antenna

- Access to the site

- Safety and security of the system

- Mounting of the GNSS antenna

- Quality of signal in area of interest

- Interface with the data network 

Eight potential sites for permanent stations were examined and the following two were selected.

1st GNNS station installation (30/10/13)


2nd GNNS station installation (31/10/13)

The deformation control of the GNSS reference stations was accomplished by joining the SmartNet Greece (MetricaNet) network, through which we manage to:

- Solve the two stations by the AUTH research team

- Control any deformation between the two stations of the area of interest in relation to the surrounding area

- Ability of RTK measurements and more accurate fixes on models through the connection with SmartNet Greece