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Installation of two accelerometric stations at a steel water tank of EL.PE. company in Kalochori

Within «D2.2: Design and implementation of permanent Aceelerographic and GNSS network» action of INDES-MUSA research program, a set of two 24bit accelerometric stations were installed on 16th of January 2014 at a steel water tank of EL.PE company in Kalochori. The exact locations of the stations shown in Figure 1 meet the research needs of seismic motion monitoring and study of soil-structure interaction within the tanks zone of the broader Kalochori region.

The first accelerometric station (KLH5) was installed at the centre of the tank roof. Technically KLH1 was placed on a steel base that was specially designed, constructed and welded to the tank roof by EL.PE. company (Figure 2), allowing the instrumentation of a representative structure of the tank region in Kalochori.

The second accelerometric station (KLH6) was installed on the ground at a close distance from the tank’s base to avoid possible interference between soil and structural motion in the acquired data [Figure 3]. Thus, KLH6 may be considered as an urban free-field installation within the particular zone of interest.

Both stations were configured on a continuous recording data stream and local storing of the recordings. A future upgrade of the installations to allow real time data transfer at the central INDES-MUSA server of EPPO-ITSAK premises in Thessaloniki is scheduled. 



Figure 1: Instrumentation of a steel water tank that belongs to EL.PE. company in Kalochori within INDES-MUSA project



Figure 2: Installation of accelerometric station KLH5 (structural installation) at the roof slab of the water tank. The steel base that was specially designed, constructed and welded to the tank roof by EL.PE company is also shown in the right picture. 


Figure 3: Installation of accelerometric station KLH6 (urban free field installation) on the ground at a close distance from the tank base.